A Tale of Twisted Roles

Yesterday was my son’s 16th birthday — sixteen! Well, enough bragging on him, let me get to task.

Now that he has started driving (temps still– no license yet, whew!) he has been given the task of toodling us around town, doing various errands to earn his mandatory 50 hours of drive time with a parent along.  Today, he got to drive to an unsavory part of town to return a huge grill we rented for his big birthday bash. He did great, but then halfway home said “Hey, since I’m driving anyways let’s go to Sports Authority so I can buy a magazine for my new air soft gun” Well, as much as I didn’t want to go, I knew it was only going to be a matter of time before I had to give in and take him anyways (less than 24 hours and his birthday money was already burning a hole in his pocket — sheesh)

I halfheartedly agreed, and off we went to the opposite side of town. And that was when the scene shifted and I found myself in the Freaky-Friday role switch of a “teenager” and, interestingly enough, suddenly craving a bag of Now and Later hard candies. Before I realized it, I heard myself whining “Well, I only want to go to Walmart if you promise to buy me a bag of Now and Laters.”

Whoa…did I REALLY just say that? REALLY?


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