Entitlement Enschmightlement

Okay, here’s another rant I’ve had brewing in my brain for some time — this GAWD AWFUL thing called “entitlement”. I am tired of the spoiled, self absorbed attitude of many, many folks — and, ladies, I’m sorry but it seems to come more from our gender than the male gender –in this country.

I sat down today to watch some mindless drivel as a way to pull back from having to watch my son kick his own ass repeatedly over a lost wallet of his.

I turned on the TV and stopped on this show called “The Real Housewives of New York.” I said, “Hmmm…wonder what this is all about?” (I’ve seen other episodes before, but only briefly and I was gathering much needed data for an idea I had about writing a piece on self-absorbed women in their early twenties — this just happened to be the blank canvas I needed to jump start this rant of mine)

Wow, just WOW. One of the ladies — the red-headed one, “Jill” was grilling one of the other wives about her 3-year old’s “unusual name” – Francois. Apparently, in New York, people of privilege sign their children up for private school when they are newborns. Obviously, this concept has never occurred to me. I’m more of a “Public school is oh so free! Public school is fine by me!” kinda gal.

Here’s the kicker to the “Francois” story — apparently, Jill is concerned that “Francois” will get beaten up by the other kids for having such a “girly name”. Then, THEN, she recommended the mom and dad start calling him, in what I can only determine to be an incredibly crass attempt at New York-ethnocentrism: “Frank”. Really? Personally, that sounds more like the guy you call when you need your toilet tank roto-rooted. “Hire Frank! The Man With More Visible Butt Crack!”

Oh, it was on at that point. I swear, it was like watching a semi jacknife into a Smart Car that was sitting on a railroad track right before the locomotive arrived. There was no way I was going to turn away now, nuh unh.

Then came “Tales of St. Tropez”. For those of us who may never see this side of privilege, I’ll let you in on a little secret I found out today about St. Tropez. Lean in, in case you can’t hear me all that well…

Apparently there is a “rich people” and “poor people” season for visiting St. Tropez. And guess what? Jill made sure Francois’ folks knew this — they went in GASP! August, when the room rates dropped from 2,000 dollars per night down to a mere 300 dollars a night — poor people’s rates, to be sure!

Oh, the nerve!!!! The HORRORS! And just so I don’t upset you too much by this news tidbit, I will gladly leave out the whole lesson I learned about visiting the Hamptons. (You’re welcome, by the way)

THIS is what is wrong with America, and damn it, I have to say something, before my head explodes. I am so sick (and tired ha ha ha) of vapid, vacuous and insanely wealthy people flaunting their lavish and purposeless lifestyles in my face. Sure I can switch to the nature channel, turn off the TV, or stop reading the tabloids, but it’s still out there. I see it all around me — the teenage girls with the perfectly coiffed hair and French manicured nails, wearing designer clothing, carrying expensive handbags and talking on 400 dollar IPhones their mommy and daddy bought them because they wanted to “be their friend and give them everything their own parents didn’t at that age”.

Parents, YOU are responsible for this. You’ve overindulged your children since the day they popped out, and have given them every thing they need or want. All they had to do was say “Wahhhh” and it was theirs.You’ve decided their self esteem and self confidence should be based on material things, instead of teaching them that hard work, determination, persistence, and tenacity pay off. What 14-year old needs 12 pairs of thong underwear? What 12-year old needs designer jeans? What 3rd grader needs a cell phone? Are you out of your freaping minds, mom and dad????

STOP! LEARN TO SAY NO EVERY NOW AND THEN, will you? Then maybe, just maybe, I won’t have to spend any more of my purposeful life watching women piss and moan about how they haven’t been given a “front row seat” at the “latest New York fashion show”. Boo freapin’ hoo.

Now, excuse me while I try to figure out how to pay my latest round of bills with the pittance my husband and I work our asses off to earn.


6 Responses to Entitlement Enschmightlement

  1. wordnerd45 says:

    We are close in age. Nice meeting you!

  2. wordnerd45 says:

    I get that! I find it a little upsetting that so many of our senior citizens vote against the idea of raising taxes to be used for educational purposes. As a teacher and a parent, I’d like some support from those who have been through the educational system, might have grandchildren or great-grandchildren in there currently, and are in support of education. They obviously agree with the importance of an education, right? So why not be willing to pony up an extra 20 bucks per year to help us out? Huh, huh?

    But, again playing devil’s advocate — I think the health care industry needs to step up and give them better access to medications and appropriate care. Let’s start with the pharmaceutical companies and force their hands first! (hmm, another rant in the works maybe?)

    Just curious — I’m just beyond the tail end of the boom — could we be in the same generation? I’ll be 45 this year.

  3. Bill Reed says:

    I don’t begrudge them what they have earned, but I do begrudge the thought that just because they have lived a long time, everything should be cheaper. (Maybe I’m just disgruntled because of the thought that, since I am at the tail end of the Baby Boom, the older voter block will not be as strong and we will not be able to vote all these cool extras for ourselves.)

    PS: I really have nothing against senior citizens, I’ now old enough for AARP, just the attitude of some of them.

  4. wordnerd45 says:

    I hear what you’re saying, but I tend to disagree. I feel, if they have earned it through rightful means, then by all means “go for it!” – who am I to tell them how to spend their money? That doesn’t explain, though, the whole tendency to become irritable and demanding as they grow older. My mom’s like that — once a sweet lady, she is now an impatient, cranky woman who expects people to step to her every need. THAT I don’t understand or accept.

    The people who truly get my knickers in a knot are the ones who have done NOTHING of any importance or value, yet reap the benefits of fame and fortune merely by a) having been fortunate enough to have been born into it or b) having been fortunate enough to marry into it. Paris Hilton leaps to mind here.

    But, I do believe we are doing our collective daughters a disservice by allowing shows like these “Real Housewives of (insert uber rich demographic here)” shows. Want a “real housewife”? Try finding some farm wife in Kansas who gets up at 4 am to milk cows, feed the livestock, muck the stalls, chop wood, etc, all before she has to wake up the hubby and kids, feed them breakfast before they leave for work and school before the FULL day’s tasks of running a 400-head of cattle operation really begins.

    Sitting around The Russian Tea House at 2 pm drinking Appletinis and kvetching about how “Poor Jules had to fire our gardener for allowing our Japanese ferns to become too dehydrated, oh woe is me” is not what I consider being a “real” anything, other than a real pretentious beyotch.

    But, nice to meet you and keep up the great dialogue!

  5. Bill Reed says:

    Now it’s my time to say … I know what you mean. I used to mange a gas station, one of my many :”jobs” (someday I’ll figure out what I wan to do when I grow up, hopefully while I’m still alive to enjoy it), and I was always so annoyed when some “senior citizen” would pull in to gas up his Winnebago, which was larger than the trailer I grew up in, and ask “does that include my senior discount.” Now lets get THIS straight, senior discounts were created to help those seniors on a fixed income, not someone who can afford to drive a vehicle that gets 3 miles to the gallon, has satellite TV and is more expensive then most people’s homes. Being old, per se, does not entitle you to anything other than whatever swag, and hopefully wisdom you’ve accumulated on the way. 🙂

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