God’s Eye

He blinks at me
But I miss the moment
Too caught up
in my insecurities
to recognize
His blink is
my moment
to shine
in the presence
of others
and His wink
a reminder
to let others
shine in mine.


3 Responses to God’s Eye

  1. brendabaughman57 says:

    Awesome picture! We so often miss the opportunity to see God in those moments… or we don’t recognize that it is God. And in the old game of Wink-em you always wanted to be the one who got winked at. Seeing God everywhere … so many wonderful moments… He winks at me and in turn I get to be the one He might wink through to someone else and make it a moment for them… seen or unseen by them.

  2. wordnerd45 says:

    You’re welcome! Anytime!

  3. Bill Reed says:

    I love this! The honor was mine for inspiring such a poem. Momnets has been full of such wonderful surprises, such moments. I had e-mailed it to my Pastor, who read it at a wedding he he performed and then he put it on the Church Blog. And now this … Thanks! 🙂

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