Ripples on water
“Ripples” coming from Ipod
Convergence in time.


2 Responses to Ripples

  1. wordnerd45 says:

    Haiku is malleable. While traditional Japanese haiku should invoke some imagery about the seasons, American Haiku has taken on an “anything goes” kind of attitude about it. Some people prefer to remain dedicated to the Japanese format. I, however, feel that “we should write what we want, when we want, in whatever way we want. So there, nyah!”

    I like your haiku too — I like the onomatopoetic nature of it.

  2. That’s a cute haiku. I wrote one about time, but didn’t realize at the time it’s best if it includes a bit of nature. Mine goes:

    Time dies like heartbeats
    Hands race and spin so quickly
    ’til they tick, click, cease

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