Welcome home!

I’m so happy to see you again!

It seems like forever since
we last spent time together.

What a long day for me!

Are you tired?

Do your feet hurt?

Is your back sore?

Did you have a bad day?

You look upset, was it something I said
or did?

If so, I am so sorry…

You know I’d never
intentionally hurt you
or your feelings.

Do you need to sit down for
a bit?

May I join you on the couch?

I’ve noticed
there is plenty of room
for the both of us there.

Here, let me lean in
and sit close
to see the tears
fall from your eyes.

It’s okay, you’re safe now with me

I understand how you feel.

I was alone myself for a
long, long time,
Until we found each other.

I can also tell
when you’re really
hurt, or sad
or just need someone
to sit with you
in silence.

I have done that before,
I can do it again.

Please, don’t feel you need
to rush right up and get me
my dinner.

Or let me outside to go potty.

I can wait.

Until you’re ready.


6 Responses to Devotion

  1. *smile*

    I have a fellow at home just like this guy.

    (Name of Ted. E. Bear.)

    I have never known such devotion in my life – so I trained him to bite my ex-husband.

    I always thought of myself as a cat person before…

    I just needed to meet the right dog it would seem.

    🙂 M.L.

  2. Samantha says:

    And people wonder why I love my dog so much…
    This captures it. 🙂

  3. thenoteguy says:

    This is nice 🙂

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