Porcelain Doll

Pretty, porcelain doll.
All gussied up.
Fat, sausage curls.
Big, blue eyes.
Fancy, sparkly dress.
Shiny, polished shoes.
Rosy, blushed cheeks.
Shadowy, lined eyes.

Tired porcelain doll.

Compared to others.
Not as pretty.
Paraded by parents.
Judged by the public.
Ogled by older men.
No trophy today.
Not good enough.

Shattered, porcelain doll.


4 Responses to Porcelain Doll

  1. Well said (and so very sad that it is true).


    • wordnerd45 says:

      Thanks…My muse is feeling a little bit like burning her bra today for us women everywhere. She visited me this morning with a bit of a chip developing on her shoulder. I would have offered her a cup of coffee, but I think that might have made matters worse.

      The Nerd

  2. Samantha says:

    Nice write… and rant, on the post before. I agree.. I would never want to be subjected to that kind of critic, or subject a child to it.

    Feeling – “Not as pretty”, “Judged”,”Ogled” –
    “Not good enough”….

    Don’t girls have enough problems with these things, let along to have be their way of life??

    • wordnerd45 says:

      Girls have a LOT of issues to contend with. For many of them, especially in the Deep South where pageantry “seems” to be more popular, this is just one more thing their parents do to screw them up.

      The Nerd

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