Conversations with My Muse: Creativity

Well, well, look who’s back!


I just can’t seem to get a morning cup of coffee in me without you dropping by, eh?

The fresh smell called me like the siren’s song…couldn’t resist.

Wait, I’m no “siren” — they have claws and wings and…

Oh relax, it was a metaphor. Gosh, you really need to learn how to lighten up and not be so literal.

Sorry, still not fully awake. And now my cup’s gone cold.

Well then, light a fire and heat it back up. I have a few minutes this morning, but then I’m off on a quickie vacay.

Where ya going? Somewhere fun?

Well, kinda. I met a new guy last night — he’s one of my own, ya know what I mean?

ADHD and Bipolar too?

No, smart ass, he’s Greek. He’s brand new to writing. He sat down to create his blog last night and just couldn’t come up with anything creative. He’d start, stop, start again, curse, spit, slam his hands on the computer table then storm off…

Wow, sounds kinda temperamental, actually.

He was, and since he’s one of my own, I thought I’d hang out at his house for awhile, ya know — “talkin’ him down”.

That was nice of you, really it was.

Nice of me? Well, okay, but let me tell ya a quick secret…lean in so no one else hears..


He’s really, really hotttt.


Yes, this guy makes my thighs sweat — and I’m not even wearing anything under this toga!

You don’t wear underwear?

What the hell is that? And did you NOT hear what I just said about Rico?

Yea, he’s hot. And it sounds like you’re horny.

Naw, not really. I had a good run for a couple days earlier in the week. This guy’s just eye candy to me — a real delight to look at.

Tell me about him, I’ve always loved the Greek Adonis type.

That would be him….mmmmmm

Hey, not fair! Spill the details, I need details!

Oh, why?

Well, I’ve learned to pay attention to the details. They boost my creativity in my writing.

Are we back to writing again? Just when I was about to start telling you about my new crush?

Isn’t it always about writing with you?

Yea, mostly. But sometimes, it can be about other things. Like hot Greek men experiencing fits of frustation and needing a strong woman to come to their rescue….ahhhhhhh, such is the life of a muse!

Hey, daydream Annie, wipe the drool off your face and come back to me for a sec, okay?

Do I have to? This guy is hot, and well, you and I don’t play that way. Can’t I relish in wild, erotic fantasies for a bit?

Well, sure, I guess…that’s certainly creativity.

Absolutely! I’ve always believed that there is nothing wrong with a little harmless fantasy and game playing, know what I mean? Wink wink, nudge nudge.

Oh, like “The Prison Guard and Indian Maiden”?

Yea, like that…whatever those are

Never mind, just a funny line I heard somewhere a long time ago.

No sweat, I’m just kicking back until Rico comes home from work. It’s much later over there, ya know..

I know, I’m not a complete idiot ya know.

Never said you were…gosh, a little sensitive today are we?

Naw, not really. Just finding it hard to jump start my creative juices today – I’m trying to go for “funny” and so far….nuthin.

Well, that’s the problem — you’re “trying” for funny. Funny isn’t a job, ya know.

What do you mean by that?

Funny isn’t a job, it isn’t a task or chore to do. Ever notice how crappy TV has become?

Tell me about it!

Yes! They have removed all the “fun” from the TV because they are being “forced” to produce. So instead of good old fashioned “funny”, now we have a bunch of really bad reality shows that require no thought or inspiration towards humor.

Siggh…you are so right there.  TV hasn’t been funny for  years. Even “The Simpsons” has begun to suck on a regular basis.

It’s a real shame too. The Satyrs around my place are in tears. They’ve stopped skipping through the flowers and singing. Now it seems they just want to hang around the local taverna, smoke cigars and bitch about their lost places in the world. Very sad.

I imagine so. So then how do I “write” funny? I like funny.

Well, it’s not something you can force. You have to just find what is funny to you, and examine it closely. Mold it in your hands, massage it a bit and see what results. Funny is another medium to be molded like clay.

Like clay?

Yea. I figured you’d understand that simile. You do enjoy working in simile and metaphor, so I’ve noticed.

That’s true.

So, what’s funny to you? It has to be funny to you or it won’t work.

Funny to me? Lemme see….irony. The unexpected outcome of someone’s behavior or choices. A firehouse burning down, a gun store being robbed — those things are freaking hilarious to me. I’ve busted a gut a couple times just by reading about those things.

Good! That’s a good start. What else do you find funny?

I am a big fan of Gary Larson’s “Far Side” cartoons. Putting animals into human conditions and reading or thinking their responses — that is also funny. I’ve posted a lot of that stuff on my Twitter page — @WordlyNerdly.

Great, now we’re getting somewhere —

Oh! And the Amish. For some reason, the Amish folks crack me up. I believe there is a whole, untapped comedy genre there among the Amish. But, that’s a limited scope of potential.

So, what’s the problem with the Amish?

Small demographic. Not a lot of people have ever seen them before, so I’m not sure my attempt at humor has a far reaching potential.

Give me an example of “Amish” humor — let’s put it out there and see what kind of response you get from me.

Okay. I got one…ready?

Sure, go for it.

Amish Environmental Advertising Campaign
“Go Green. Go Hybrid. Buy a Mule.”

Holy shit! That’s freaking hilarious! Amish, going green — great sense of irony. And the hybrid/mule thing — freaking ingenious! Where the hell did you come up with that?

I was chatting in a chat room one night when it came to me. The guy I told laughed so hard he spit soda onto his keyboard. His wife in the background thought he was having a choking fit. When he told her, she laughed so hard she almost peed her pants.

So then it’s a hit, this “Amish” humor thing?

Not sure, some of my ideas are visual too, and I don’t draw. Not sure what to do there.

Why not find someone who does draw? Ya know, I do have connections to these kinds of people.

Yea, I know. You’re like a creativity whore, ya know that? Selling yourself out to any and all who need some creativity.

Yep, that’s me — my slogan is “Use Me, Abuse Me, Take My Poems”

Ugh, that’s horrible.

Okay, I admit it needs a little work.

Anyways, I should probably get back to work here on my humor.

Time for me to go anyways — Rico’s signing on to his laptop.

Oooh, look at you with the technology talk! You go, sister!

Yea, I’m so “2000 AD” now. It’s definitely made my life so much easier.

I bet it has. Hugs?


Later, chickie.


2 Responses to Conversations with My Muse: Creativity

  1. Samantha says:

    you (and your Muse) crack me up!

    I love these little conversations.

    • wordnerd45 says:

      Thanks Sam!
      I am seriously considering the idea of creating a book of these. Every day I tackle a new subject or topic and write about it. I think it has a good shot at becoming a “self help” book of sorts — kinda like those positive self-talk moments. Whatcha think?

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