More About Michael Jackson’s Untimely Death

For some strange reason, I’m still fascinated by the emerging details surrounding Michael Jackson’s death. I wasn’t a fan of his — I haven’t been since 1980(ish). I think I stopped caring about him the moment he went from black to white (hmm, kinda like his song, huh? Just now thought of that) And with his questionable behavior the last few years, I certainly turned away from anything to do with him. Artistic talents aside, I am skeeved out by any man who invites young boys to play at his house. Shuddddder.

But, this isn’t about that. It’s about the details that are now covering all the headlines and internet news sites out there. has a feature on it now (I admit, I read it — I’m a slave to tabloid reporting) where they interviewed the former chef. She mentioned part of the “typical” morning routine at his house was for Dr. Murray to “come down the stairs from Michael’s bedroom carrying oxygen tanks.” HUH?

This sounds so bizarre to me. What allegedly “healthy” 50-year old needs oxygen tanks replaced every morning? It was evident Michael did not smoke, so needing oxygen treatments for COPD could certainly be ruled out. I have a family member who requires oxygen for COPD, and that is only from 40+ years of smoking two packs of unfiltered cigarettes a day. That’s enough tar and nicotine to shellack the inside of one’s lungs, I would presume. And she’s in her 80s– did I mention that?

So again, I’m not buying whatever all these former and “current” employees are trying to sell as a “casual-day-in-the-park”. I don’t understand how all of Michael Jackson’s bizarre, unusual behavior and required “treatments” by his physicians (on-call or otherwise) can go unnoticed and unspoken about for  years.

The LAPD has every right and concern to go into a full-blown investigation of these doctors. But, I think it needs to go further. I think everyone who had any part in the “silent acceptance” of Michael Jackson’s slow descent into mental illness and subsequent drug use deserves to be put under a microscope and examined.

This is akin to watching some sort of psychological experiment run completely amok.

As an aside:

Has anyone thought to step in for Lindsay Lohan? I am worried she’s going to be making headline news next, followed by a whole new series of  stories that start with the line: “I remember when Lindsay used to…”

Sad, very sad.


4 Responses to More About Michael Jackson’s Untimely Death

  1. Chris W says:

    I have no idea whether Michael Jackson had COPD or not, but to say that “It was evident Michael did not smoke, so needing oxygen treatments for COPD could certainly be ruled out” is, quite simply, not correct. Smoking is the major cause of COPD, but a significant number (about 10%) of those with COPD have NEVER smoked. Those with COPD have enough to cope with, without people automatically assuming that they did it to themselves by smoking.

    • wordnerd45 says:

      Chris: I appreciate your comments.

      Regardless of whether or not COPD is caused by smoking (which, if your stats are correct, is the higher percentage of cause and effect), I still do not understand why someone “presumed” to be healthy would need oxygen on a daily basis.

      Or, if they “aren’t healthy”, then why the issue of oxygen tank usage has never before been brought up in the press.

      It all points to extremely bizarre behavior and activity, which deserves to be investigated.

      The Nerd

  2. pobept says:

    MJ is dead, and many of us really don’t care what killed him. In many of his few interviews he came off as a child molester at worst or a nut case at best. Either way the world in no worse off with his death.

    • wordnerd45 says:

      The economy certainly isn’t any better off now that he’s dead. Except for the media outlets making huge money from the news stories, and the record industry for post-death sales, and the memorabilia dealers…

      Oh wait, maybe it is…

      The Nerd

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