Sins of Omission

Time ticks by.
A day becomes a month.
Months flow into years.
Years churn slowly
into decades.

Never again
do we meet

face to face.

Our time
and ended
within such
a short span —

less than twenty-four hours.

Before you

somebody else’s.

I do not speak of you
mouth closed
by fear,

self-imposed silence.

Shut down
by others
who choose to believe

what happened
what I did-

easily forgettable.

My sin of omission

still haunts me.

Wrapped inside
the baby boy
who slipped
from my embrace
to her’s.

not under her heart

from within.


7 Responses to Sins of Omission

  1. wordnerd45 says:

    For her, yes, dark was a perpetual state of existence. But think about it —

    If she knew nothing else but darkness, was that truly dark for her?

    Do opposites exist when there is only one known half of the possibilities?

    • Bill Reed says:

      Myu point is … and sometimes I have points … that she was using a second hand metaphor. (Okay, I need to stop … I’ve gotten us on a tangent … so anyway, great poem!)

  2. Bill Reed says:

    Wow … This captures so many stories — each us probably has our own. Good job.

    • wordnerd45 says:

      Thanks!!! It does come from a heavy place…

      • Bill Reed says:

        Yes … it’s not “puppy dogs and butterflys,” but not all life is, you know! (and besides i am the poet of pessimism, so who am I to judge.)

      • wordnerd45 says:

        Sometimes, it is darkest before the dawn.

        Think about it. LOL

      • Bill Reed says:

        Once upon a time (in a galaxy far, far away) my mother sent me a card with the intent to cheer me up. I can’t remember the specific quote on the front, but it was a quote from Helen Keller of the “it’s always darkest before the dawn” variety, and I remember thinking “how would she know.” I thought it should be “it’s always darkest always” when coming from her. (Well, that’s just my way of viewing the world sometimes!) 😉

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