Conversations with My Muse: Consequences of Our Actions

Well, well. It looks as though my muse has gotten herself into a little bit of a legal entanglement. While perusing the internet news sites, I came across this little news blurb:

Woman Sought for Damages, Causing International Havoc

(IP) International authorities (Interpol) are currently on the search for a woman connected to a recent series of disturbances in and around the Mediterranean area. As recently as last Friday, July 3l, several witnesses staying at the Hotel Trevi in Rome, Italy, indicated they had seen a young woman acting “strangely”. “We were there to see the Pope,” Augusta Sincionni stated to local authorities. “We didn’t expect such a sideshow!”

According to local attendees at the Pope’s Friday night service, the woman was overheard yelling random, nonsensical things such as: “Down with monotheism! Socrates deserved to die!” and, most bizarrely “Shakespeare was a fake!”

Unable to apprehend the suspect, authorities are now asking for the public’s help. The woman can be described as “in her mid- to late-twenties, braided, reddish hair, wearing a white toga with gold lamé trim and carrying a switch-blade stylus.” Anyone who sees a woman matching that description is encouraged to contact the local authorities. She is not considered “armed and dangerous,” merely off her medication.


4 Responses to Conversations with My Muse: Consequences of Our Actions

  1. Bill Reed says:

    I doubt that I’ll see her … I don’t get out much, but I’ll keep an eye out.

    • wordnerd45 says:

      She’s been known to stop at restaurants that specialize in authentic Gyros.

      • Bill Reed says:

        I live in Rural Colorado and I may be the only person here that even knows what a “Gyro” is. (Most would probably thin I was talking, in an abbreviated way, about “Gyroscope” [sic].)

      • wordnerd45 says:

        I grew up in Chicago….only place outside of Greece that serves authentic Greek gyros.

        Personally, I’m not a lamb person…but the saganaki (flaming cheese) is to DIE FOR!

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