T Shirt Suggestions

I know Don over on http://www.crabbyoldfart.wordpress.com has a post about obnoxious tshirt sayings, so I’m not going to try to steal his thunder. Instead, I’d like to hear from all of you T Shirt sayings/designs that you think WOULD be funny to see. I have several ideas to start the ball rolling:

“Why Ice Hockey Is the Perfect Sport for Women”

1. There are only three periods.

2. Each period lasts only 20 minutes.

3. PMS works to her advantage: Intensity and aggression is welcomed, and actually encouraged.

The next one is more of a “visual” joke. Imagine a scenic picture of a country barn. On the side of the barn, written in a splash of white paint are the words:

“RUTH YODER USES BISQUICK!”How Rumors are Spread in the Amish Community

How Rumors are Spread in the Amish Community

And lastly, again using the untapped potential of Amish humor:

Amish “Go Green” Advertising Campaign:

“Go Green. Go Hybrid. Go Mule.”

So, whatcha got for me?


2 Responses to T Shirt Suggestions

  1. wordnerd45 says:

    Scott: “Cap and Trade This”? Wow, have no idea what that means — can you explain?

    PS: great tip about the blog view. Thanks! I’m still a relative newbie here. I think I’m celebrating my one month “blogday” today.

    The Nerd

  2. But glass tastes good

    I couldn’t get laid in a crackhouse

    I couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse with a fist full of 50’s

    Product of inbreeding

    West Vergina Univercity

    Cap and Trade This

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