When does the word “Published” actually mean “Published”?

Forgive me for the arrogant sound of this post. Just for your safety I have decided to blow smoke up my own ass tonight.

I was contacted by someone from the National Writing Project (the mother ship of the workshop I recently took this summer). She found one of my postings on a local NWP website to be “the high quality of writing we are looking to put in our National Writing Gallery. Some how the NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English, I think) is connected. There is no money for this, just the opportunity to showcase my writing to thousands of people who might have influence and desire to take it to the next step — writing a small collection of these stories and turning them into a book. Don’t want to start dreaming too big though.

Anyways, I am wondering if that “officially counts” as a “published” piece of work, since it is connected to an organization. Anyone know?

I think it’s an honor to be chosen for this opportunity — thousands of writers and teachers will be able to look at it. Perhaps it might lead to bigger and better things? I don’t know. I’m still trying to figure out if I can refer to myself as a “published” writer instead of a “frustrated, unpublished and why does Paris Hilton have a book she sucks as a writer?” person

Interestingly enough, the piece she enjoyed is one of my conversations I have with my muse: Inspirations and Origins. She felt it incorporated a variety of information, writing instruction, Greek history and genuine, believable dialogue.

So when I submit other pieces of work, can I say “I am a published author”? Or do I say “Still a wanna be”?


The Nerd


12 Responses to When does the word “Published” actually mean “Published”?

  1. Congratulations! I’d certainly say you are a published author.

    • wordnerd45 says:

      Why thank you! I guess why I don’t feel like I can say “Published” is because it really happened without much effort on my part. I posted something on a website, somebody saw it, said “Hey, this is GREAT stuff! We need to do something with this!” then contacted me.

      I guess timing is everything, huh?
      Thanks for dropping by!

      The Nerd

  2. Bill Reed says:

    arg!!!! More Typos! 😦

  3. Bill Reed says:

    I have had a poem that was published in a newspaper and I’ve always considered that as being “published” even though I received no money for it. I would think that this would certainly count, probably more than my single instance of being “published.” IMHO

    • wordnerd45 says:

      I’m going with “published”, just so I can go back to my job and say: “Hey! I am way better an English teacher than you…” to one of my nasty colleagues…


      The Nerd

  4. As far as I’m concerned you can say that you are published as soon as one of your Penthouse letters appears in the magazine! I think that congratulations are in order…hang on that’s my doorbell. “No, I didn’t hire a team of blond maids to clean my house in the………” Oh sorry, I have to go. This kind of thing keeps happening to me.

    • wordnerd45 says:

      Penthouse? Heck no, it’s “Playdude” all the way for me! And forget the French Maid costume..I’m going for the rubber chicken suit and a spatula. That gets em every time.

      The Nerd

  5. JC says:

    It seems to me if they are going to showcase it somewhere–in brochures, or on a website, etc., the poem is “published,” and you can say in your cover letters when you’re sending out work to journals, “My work was featured in the National Writing Gallery, sponsored by the National Council of Teachers of English.” Good for you!

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