Speaking of Art…

Over at my “blog buddy” Bill’s blog: http://www.kenosis23.wordpress.com

he has several art postings for which he has provided his artistic interpretation. Interestingly enough, I look at the same pictures and get completely different, almost “polar” reactions. So, that got me thinking…

Where is “my peaceful meditation” place?

I’m not really sure where my place is, but I do know that certain scenes from nature give me certain reactions.

I created a powerpoint for my students to use last year — as a way to inspire reactions and hence, create poetry. They were assigned to watch the slideshow, take notes, then choose one (or two) slides and write a poem about it. The results were amazing. I don’t know what it is about nature scenes, but it’s a great way to tap into our creativity.

I wish I could post that powerpoint here, but I’m clueless. I have something sitting in my gallery, but no clue how to get that on this blog. Oh well!

The Nerd


6 Responses to Speaking of Art…

  1. No, I use ‘Legion’ a lot. It has a nice biblical ring. In unrelated news, I love ‘repudiate’ as well. You’ll start to recognize my quirks as we become better acquainted!
    With practice you can learn to quiet your mind. Read those books I recommended to Bill a couple days ago! They really, really helped me!!

    • wordnerd45 says:

      Is your brain set to “full throttle” like mine? Mine is like a runaway monorail at times. Drives my family crazy.

      I have tried reading “self help” books, but I get bored easily. In fact, I willingly admit that I am NOT a fan of reading. Wow, did an ENGLISH teacher just say that? Yes! I will rarely read a book just “for pleasure”. I read books that are required for my content. I glance at books that will help me teach the kids (our literature book is 3 inches thick — WAY TOO HEAVY for toting around). I prefer short stories to long novels. And lastly, I am absolutely “bat shit crazy” (to steal a phrase, LOL) about writing. If all I ever had to do was teach my students how to write, I’d be in heaven. But, that’s not how it works — it’s called “Language Arts” for a reason, ya know?

      PS: I have a secret vice (well, the cat’s out of the bag here now, isn’t it?) I read TABLOIDS. Every one of them.

      So much for respectable journalism, huh?

      The Nerd

  2. The way that I tap into my creativity (and it is Legion. Just kidding- well actually I’m really not kidding because I’m not really humble. I’ll bet this is the longest ‘In parentheses’ you’ll get all day) is to completely clear my mind. I do this either in nature by focusing intensely on all 5 senses and not allowing a thought to enter my mind. Or, by exercising and going completely into my body, again without allowing a thought. When I then bring my consciousness back into my brain, any answers, enlightenment, ideas, creativity, etc….are all right at the forefront. But as you know I’m batshit crazy!!

    • wordnerd45 says:

      Scott: I have my red pen out. Shouldn’t the word “Legion” be “legendary”? Just wondering. And yes, you’re batshit crazy. That’s why I “get you”.

      I wish I could clear my mind — but it just moves too quickly for me. The only time I’m sharply focused is the time I’m talking to my muse. Or I have plied myself with alcohol and sleep meds. Very bizarre.

      The Nerd

  3. Bill Reed says:

    Hey Nerd, Thaks for the mention. Maybe there is something fundamentally wrong with my aesthetic sense,because someone else commented “I really like what you did with the colors… Kind of scary but in a way that makes you want to know what’s around the bend…” about the piece I titled “A Peaceful Day in the Forest.

    But then, on another site, where it was simply titled “Woods,” someone commented “… absolutely magnificent! … symbolic visions … entities … animal totem … infinity … wow … fascinating … chaotic yet conjures itself to peacefulness … if one was to describe this beautiful creation … the word, PRICELESS, comes to mind … ‘Unvoiced Poetry.'”

    I don’t know I just create the things and I am willing to let you all tell me hwta you see! 🙂

    • wordnerd45 says:

      Nothing wrong with your sense, you just see things differently! I definitely have a different approach to things, however. Sitting at a red light yesterday, listening to a song (I can’t recall what the song was) I thought out loud, “this is a very beige kinda song” Then of course I started thinking about the reasons why I hate country and kabuki music. Ugly sounds bring ugly colors.

      LOL – and Scott says HE’s the “bat shit crazy one”.

      The Nerd

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