Tendrils stretching,

reaching out

towards each other.

Energized fingertips
from above and below.

Meeting halfway–

polar opposites

One not existing
without the other.

breathing life
each other’s soul.


at once.

Air and space
around them.

One force.

One flash.

One moment.

Caught in
time and space.

Burning their
conjoined image


the unsuspecting sky.


4 Responses to Flashpoint

  1. Tony says:

    Lightning is so amazingly beautiful.
    BTW the whole Flat Tony Amish adventure started with my 1st Amish Virus post which was an email a friend sent me, it just kinda developed & got weirder as time went on

    • wordnerd45 says:

      I find it fascinating that a Tasmanian would be talking about the Amish. That’s funny!

      I was thinking about your “Flat Tony” and thought I’d start something like “Flat George” with a dollar bill. I might use it in my classroom.

  2. Wow, I absolutely love it! Although I did like some of Jim Morrison’s poetry as well so my opinion is to be taken with a grain of salt. And a wedge of lemon. And a shot of tequila!

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