Ignoring My Muse? Naw…

I feel bad for ignoring my muse the way I have been lately. I’ve just been so preoccupied with other things.

I recently was offered a full-time position where I work, instead of having to go another year as a part timer. So of course, that’s more money and opportunity! In today’s economy, just holding onto a part-time job is hard for some folk! So, that was one blessing for which I am extremely grateful.

Yesterday, I was certain our “fat bastard” had run off to die somewhere. He is an indoor cat and usually never goes outside. Two days ago, he walked out the back door and was gone for more than a day and a half. Assuming the worst, we went to bed last night missing his mandatory evening lap sit and bitch fest. Around 11:30, my son went to get something to eat and heard Fat Bastard yowling at the back door. The prodigal kitty had returned, none the worse for wear. I guess he had grown tired of us and decided to take an unscheduled (and unapproved!) vacation. He’s neutered so we can safely assume he wasn’t going out for some pussy. He’s also declawed, so he wasn’t out searching for a cat fight, either. The only one who knows is him, and as I’ve said before, “I don’t speak cat”. (see: “Fat Bastard” post)

So needless to say, my muse has been unusually quiet, what with me having to focus my energies on my new full-time gig and cat wrangling. But don’t worry– I’ve tweeted her the following:

@themuse: Sorry ’bout the ignoring stuff, mind previously occupied. All better now! Back to business.. PS: Thank U God!!!

The Nerd


4 Responses to Ignoring My Muse? Naw…

  1. My cat doesn’t go out at all since I found him tied up in a plastic bag in a bin. -Remind me too tell you that story.
    Congratulations on the full time gig, and the safe return of the cat! Good day all around!

  2. *SNICKER*


    You named your cat ‘Fat Bastard’?


    I had one myself – name of ‘Blackie’ (thanks to a toddler – my daughter actually)


    • wordnerd45 says:

      Actually his name is Louie. We have started calling him names that suit his current physical shape: Fatticus, Tubbo, Fatty Fat Cat, etc. I wrote a poem called “Fat Bastard” (it’s on my post) and that pretty much explains the whole “bastard” part. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s one of my better uses of voice, tone and a surprise ending.

      The Nerd

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