The “Smart Car” is, surprisingly, SAFE!

Well, this is fascinating, and highly unexpected…I just want to pinch its little side panels and say “Awwwwww”:

If a Smart Car could talk, I bet it would say:

“When I grow up, I wanna be a Hummer”

What would YOUR Smart Car say?


8 Responses to The “Smart Car” is, surprisingly, SAFE!

  1. My smart car would say, “go back to 1986 and get all of your relatives who are now dead to put all of their money in Microsoft.”

  2. Bill Reed says:

    My “Smart Car would say: “On the Internet everyone thinks I’m a Porsche!”

  3. Jay says:

    My Smart Car would probably say “Please Mr. Monster Truck being driving by a probably drunk redneck, don’t knock me into next week at the next stop light.”

    Either that or it would say “Looks like you have about 167 yards to the front of the green and 172 to the pin. Slight breeze from left to right. I’d say a hard 7 iron and try to draw the ball into the wind to hold it on line.” Smart Cars would make great gold carts/robot caddies. 😉

    • wordnerd45 says:

      So your Smart Car is either a) a big ninny or b) a golf fanatic? Cool! Mine just seems a little too much like “Nemo” in “Finding Nemo” to say anything other than what he wants to be when he grows up.

      Thanks for responding!
      The Nerd

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