Conversations with My Muse: Working with Children

Oh my gosh, is that Modern Bride magazine you’ve got there?

This? Eh, just a little something I picked up at the local quickie mart.

It’s pretty telling. Got a secret to share?

No, not really…I’m kinda bummed, actually.

What’s up?

Well, I’m just so tired.

Oh, I know how that is. I’m worn out, now that school’s back in session.

You think you have it bad? Try having my job for a day — you’d never be able to handle it!

Yes, but I teach middle school students.

Yea, so what?

So, I teach WRITING to middle school students.


Yes, it’s tough, but I love it.

You like teaching middle schoolers?

Absolutely! It’s a great age, they’re a real hoot.

What’s so fun about hormone issues, bodily odor emissions, growth spurts, acne, sneezing into their hands and wiping it on the desks, blah, blah, blah?

Oh, I can handle all that, I’m a mom. What I love about this age is their enthusiasm — or watching their enthusiasm grow. These kids really can put the pencil to the paper, if I let them.

Wow, you’re actually getting them to enjoy school?

Of course, that’s my job. I’d be a miserable failure otherwise.


You do realize, of course, that I have had  a sizable amount of help with teaching them to become better writers.

Oh? Do you work with another teacher in the same classroom?

No, silly! YOU.

Me? What’d I do?

You have no idea? Honestly?

No. Give me a clue.

Ha, ha, ha!!!

What’s so darn funny?

Notice how the tables have turned! Wasn’t it just a couple weeks ago that I was completely clueless about your job?

Yes, so?

Well, well, well, I guess my muse isn’t as insightful as I thought she was.


Oh my goodness! My Muse is SPEECHLESS! Mark the calendars! Alert the press!

Actually, no. I was thinking about something else.

Lemme guess: shiny objects and sporks, huh?

How’d you know?

Come on, muse! Haven’t we already covered this? You’re so easy to read, you’re transparent.

What do you mean by that?

Transparent — able to see through. I know you know this.

Sorry, but you said “sporks”. I started to hear dolphin squeaks and whistles shortly after that.

Do I need to rewind this conversation then?

Just go back to the “spork” part — I’ll catch up from there.

What is it with you and sporks?

Don’t forget shiny objects.

Of course not.


7 Responses to Conversations with My Muse: Working with Children

  1. Samantha says:

    Hiya nerdy lady… =) I’m sure you have your hands full with those middle schoolers. I have a son that age.. .and I’m thankful there are teachers like yourself out there to motivate and teach. =)

    Your muse is funny… you must tear her away from the shiny objects and sporks for more of these heartfelt conversations soon…

  2. Bill Reed says:

    I’m doing alright, which is to say that though things are happening which i don’t like, in so many ways good things are happening. it is just a matter of learning to see that. I am trying to slowly work the courage to start writing new things again and I hope this dry spell will be over any day now. (Thankfully, I have old things to keep the Blog moving!) 🙂

  3. Bill Reed says:

    Finally you “moderated” my comment. (I have set my blog so that after the first “moderation” it just accepts all comments after.) So, how you been doing? Haven’t heard much from you! Are you coping with the “assclowns?” Have you checked out my posts? (I have yours, even though I have been kind of lurking!) 🙂

    • wordnerd45 says:

      I’m doing well. My muse has been noticeably quiet these last few days. School started back up this past Monday, so I’ve had my head buried in my other blog, the one for my students.

      They are reaping the benefits and experiencing the joy of having a teacher who talks to her imaginary friend. They thought I was crazy last year, now I’m just proving it!

      The Nerd

  4. Bill Reed says:

    Hey Nerd … Thought I would say hi … I’ve been reading your posts but haven’t had much to say … been in a mood for coasting and lurking. (Is “lurking” the Internet equivalent of “stalking?”) Last Thursday I was involved in an armed robbery, but, unfortunately my involvement was that of being the victim and, probably, the next thing I write for posting will be an exploration of my feelings about that. I have received an award and as soon as I can get my mind around what I need to do for that, I will be passing it along to you. Until then … laters! 🙂 (BTW, like the post!)

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