He sits.
He watches my every move.
He never speaks.
He drills his eyes
into the back of my head.
He fills my peripheral vision
He is an all-consuming presence
in my life.

I sit.
I see him there.
I do not talk to him.
I glare in his direction
I try to make him avert his eyes.
I am weakened by his will.

Click! He pulls the trigger.
Back and forth it goes.

Yes, now…


Yes, NOW!


Until I cave in.
And give him what he wants.

Such is the life of a woman.

completely smitten
with her dog.


8 Responses to Relentless

  1. The kilt has to go – I am allergic to wool

    *happy sigh*

    I must think of some way to warm the poor boy…

    Whiskey first (medicinal of course – remember the wee man is starkers and chilled)

    Then perhaps some type of bracing activity to bring the roses back into his cheeks?

    Oh – and the bagpipes have to go (I have this inner ear condition that prevents me from enjoying shrieks and drones – I might just have to allow him some squeaks and moans as compensation…)

    *evil giggle*


    • wordnerd45 says:

      What about a “faux wool”? Plool? After all, there is “pleather”..

      I have the ribbon you can attach to his bonnie star. Of course, he must first be plied with a good snootful of Dewar’s and a stomach filled with haggis.

      Och, we lassies are a bit cheeky now.

      The Nerd

  2. *grin*

    I have a blonde shepherd whom I am told waits in a ‘sad corner’ of his own choosing until I come home from work…

    I can tell what he wants with just a glance (and/or one or both of his brows either raised or lowered LOL) – it’s sad how well trained I am.


  3. Jessica says:

    SO understand…we’ve got two: a golden and a chocolate lab…all they have to do is give us the “look” and that’s it.

    • wordnerd45 says:

      I often find myself comparing canine behavior to human male behavior. I don’t know why that keeps coming up. If you want an opposing view, check out “Fat Bastard”.

      Thanks for your nice comment!

      The Nerd

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