This Post is All About “Me”, Seriously

Just a peek at some things about me. Read em, don’t. I don’t care. But, I own these and accept them for who and what they are. So, there.

Favorite Type of Fabric:


Least Favorite Type of Fabric:

Sandpaper, The thong concept was an abysmal failure.

Favorite Punctuation Mark:

Umlaut, followed closely by the accent mark over the e.

Least Favorite Punctuation Mark:

Semi-colon. Too much drama.

Favorite Substance:

Mercury. Liquid, yet cohesive.

Least Favorite Substance:

Jello. You can’t nail it to a table.

Favorite Chemical Equation:

C6H12O6. Sweet!

Least Favorite Chemical Equation:

CH4. Smells like farts. I’m not 13 any more.

Favorite Planet:

Saturn. It looks like it’s wearing a funny hat, or a fashionably over-sized belt.

Least Favorite Planet:

Venus. She’s very toxic to be around.

Favorite Genre:


Least Favorite Genre:

Historical Romance. Bloomers and corsets are not sexy.

Favorite Literary Device:


Least Favorite Literary Device:

Irony. Think about it.

Simile or Metaphor?

My brain burns white hot with this question. Like smelting steel.

Alliteration or Assonance?

Quit it with confusing conundrums. Clearly I’m dearly devoted to dual devices.

Dichotomy or Juxtaposition?

Dichotomy. I prefer safe distances.

“Six of one, half a dozen of another?”

I haven’t decided yet.

More or Less?

Both, please.


3 Responses to This Post is All About “Me”, Seriously

  1. tannerleah says:

    Have you ever seen me in bloomers or a corset? I am mildly confident I would change your mind.

  2. Donald Mills says:

    You need to get the grit right on a sandpaper thong. Anything lower than 120 is just plain trouble.

    • wordnerd45 says:

      Don, thanks for visiting! I figured I had miscalculated during the experimental phase. R and D had informed me 115 was a “sure thing” based on the feedback from the focus group. I wasn’t aware they’d been sniffing Gorilla Glue and steel shavings from the nearby bench grinder until I found out one of the participants set off the metal detector back at the local prison’s entrance gate. I must remember to conduct better background checks before the next roll out.

      The Nerd

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