I long to wallow in the dirt

It’s my favorite place to go.

I want to feel my fingers move

And work my magic hoe.

I love to plant the tiny seeds

Then wait to see them bloom.

A couplet here,

A free verse there.

Begins to fill my room.


One Response to Gardening

  1. *smile*

    Teaching is so very much like starting a garden…

    (I am looking at purple basil seedlings, thinking of peppers seeds and listening to chickadee’s fight over last years sunflower seeds as I write this to you)

    If your students (and their caregivers) didn’t mind – I would love to see what you have helped them to create one day.

    At times I feel there is nothing more special than a beginning – a new start – a birth.

    Then again, you (and I) will also know there is something special about the end of that cycle as well…

    I was also thinking of you.

    I just wanted you to know.

    Be well,

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