The Sexiest Men in the World Live in My Area

October 18, 2009

I used to think firemen were the sexiest men on the planet. Well, that was before my area got an NHL team.

I’m often surprised by the lack of positive publicity this sport receives. I’ve written about it on my blog, so I won’t rehash my thoughts here. But, I want to add another element I didn’t mention before:

Hockey players are the sexiest men on the planet. I should probably qualify that with “my” definition of sexy: a man who is strong, brave and tough when needed, but soft, gentle, and caring all the other times. That is not just sexy, that’s intoxicating.

Last summer, when I was involved in my writer’s workshop, I had to write about someone or something in the community that was actively working towards change. I immediately thought of our local NHL team. Why? Because I know the back story of these guys. I know the team captain anonymously sends large sums of money to organizations–just because–and expects no press attention in return. Last year, he gave almost $150,000 of his own money for various causes in and around this area. And, by the way, he also visits sick children in the hospital on a regular basis.

The players make regular stops at schools and libraries to stress the benefits of education (something close to my heart, being a teacher). The team has built a safe playground for children, donating the supplies and man hours. The organization has re-opened one of the local after-school program buildings that had to shut down due to lack of public funds. Everything they do, they do because they want to, not because they are contractually obligated.

And the real tear-jerker…

The NHL’s motto is  “Hockey Fights Cancer”. Last year, one of our local high school hockey players was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Upon hearing this, the team offered the young man a contract — a legit one — to become a “Blue Jacket” for a day. They even paid him a small salary ($1.00) and gave him an official team jersey with his name on the back. Team players would go to his house (or his hospital room) and sit by his side while they watched the other NHL teams play.

Unfortunately, Ryan succumbed to his cancer in May of this year. His last wish? To make it to at least one playoff game before he passed away. The team made sure he got his wish.

Last night’s game was our team’s chance to raise money to fight cancer. The team had this young man’s jersey displayed on the player’s bench, in tribute to his memory. When one of the players scored the first goal of last night’s game, his response to the interviewer went something like this “I just had a feeling I was going to score. I’m not a huge fan of a ‘higher power’, but I think Ryan had something to do with it…” Wow. Talk about a sense of humility and compassion.

So, I apologize to all the sexy, heroic firefighters out there who risk their lives every day to save the lives of others. You are still very much heroes in my eyes. But, in my opinion, you have some pretty stiff competition when it comes to the true definition of  “sexy”.


In Your FACE – Facebook!

August 7, 2009

I have grown tired of Facebook. Honestly, I don’t get it at all. After trying for several months to become the “computer savvy”, hip chick I thought I’d become, it’s time to throw in the towel and admit it — I’m just as much a dork over there as I am in the real world.

I tried to post useful, eye catching information like: “Hey! Check this out, a totally cool website of fun stuff!” and witty status reports: “Just crawled inside a vodka bottle — working my way out, need a lifeguard!” hoping to get funny retorts from my “cyber” friends. I’d check my computer several times a day, hoping against hope that someone, ANYONE would write something equally as funny and witty as I did. Just as a desperate attempt to validate my self-importance and wittiness. Nada. Not even the incoherent ramblings of a drunken passerby.

Not one of my 12 (big number, huh?) so called “friends” — the very same ones I had to “accept” as their friend in the first place, answered. Oh sure, I got a lot of “comments” added to my Facebook “Wall”, but much like high school, it was a lot of talk “around me” — other people’s conversations that contained fragmented bits and pieces of information I had absolutely no idea (or involvement) in or about. Gee, what an ego booster — now I’m being totally ignored across my own personal bandwidth of cyberspace. I feel like I’m back in high school–only this time instead of getting rejected by the jocks and socialites, I’m being rejected by people I’ve known since my childhood. Did I mention how much that says “loser”?

Add to this the ultimate insult — several weeks ago I sent out requests to two family members to be added onto their list. They still haven’t replied.

So, enough of that ego-crushing bullshit. I’ve decided to close down shop and keep the home fire burning right here — where I am quickly being accepted into this lovely little community of writers. I’ve been spending a lot of time decorating my home and visiting my neighbors. I’ve hosted a few house parties myself — with almost 1,400 visitors stopping by within the last month, bringing nice, warm, welcome baskets of fun, frivolity and blossoming friendships. And ya know what? 1,400 visitors makes me way more popular than those 12 measly so-called  “Facebook friends” of mine. So all I can say is:


This is MY home town now.

THE Nerd

Nobody’s Treasure

August 6, 2009

This came to me after I saw a video about the recent rise in the number of babies in South Africa being given up for adoption due to the global economic crisis. How sad it is to hear that they have remained in the orphanages, because no one can afford to adopt them either.

She lovingly places you
inside a metal box
on a thin, cotton blanket
padded with electric sensors
hidden behind a wooden door
that says “Door of Hope”.

Silently, she closes the latch
and turns away —
Shadows fall on the ground
around her – casting shame
in her direction.
Despair and desperation
mingle on the ground beneath her feet
in the form of footprints leading
to and from her ramshackle village.

I understand
how your mother
must feel —
She knows she can’t
keep you with her —
She has no money for food
No place to keep you
safe and warm
No one to help her
help you.

I can only imagine
how you will feel
When you grow older
and begin to question
who you are
where you came from
and why
you were born
only to become
Nobody’s Treasure.

Playing for Change: A wonderful way to unite through music

July 30, 2009

Check this out — way cool!

“Stand by Me” and “One Love” are the best!

The Nerd