Conversations with My Muse: Why I Have Them

Many people might be wondering why I create daily posts called “Conversations with My Muse”. Actually, these posts are a form of “self-talk”.

I began them as a way to talk about the writing process. Now, however, they seem to be branching off into new frontiers. I like this. It provides me (us?) with a plethora of topics to discuss. I can talk forever, provided it has nothing to do with any of the following topics: designer labels, shopping, purses, handbags, golf, baseball, and anything related to math. Those subjects bore me and I find my head filling with loud dolphin squeaks and whistles. If you’ve ever heard a dolphin whistle, you’ll agree that nothing hurts the ears and head worse than one of them at full blast.

Some folks may find it easier to talk to a real-life friend, or a therapist. While I fully support these two other choices, I realize: 1) it’s hard to find a real-life friend at 8 am who is coherent enough to have a chat with me about the ennui of life, and 2) therapy is expensive!

As a fairly reasonable solution to both dilemmas, I began morning conversations with the little lady I call “chickie”. She has been described as having ADPB (Attention Defici- Ooh Pretty Butterfly!) and Bipolar Disorder. While I don’t find it funny to make fun of people with disabilities, I do find that to be an accurate description of my muse.

Best of all, we “get” each other, and don’t spend a lot of time over-thinking, or over-analyzing every word or thought process we say to each other. Nor does she care what I look like, or am wearing. Granted, true friends don’t do that either — but, there have been moments when I’ve suspected my real-life friends weren’t being 100% truthful when I asked them the “mother of all questions”: “Do these jeans make my butt look too big?” My muse wouldn’t hesitate to say “Yes, yes they do.”

I gotta admire her honesty.

The Nerd


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